5 Alarming Things Your Shoes Bring Inside

5 Alarming Things Your Shoes Bring Inside

We all know that the bottom of our shoes really isn't all that clean. But do you know exactly how unclean? And what's actually lurking on the surface of your shoe that you're bringing into your home or business.

Here we highlight 5 alarming things that you bringing inside on the bottom of your shoes:

1. Bacteria

The most disturbing find came from a study at the University of Arizona, which concluded that there are over 420,000 different types of bacteria underneath your shoe at any one time.

Even more concerning, the study found that 96% of these bacteria will end up on your floors when you walk inside with your shoes on.

Now, we know that there are some good bacteria that are said to help build our immune system. However, what's underneath your shoes are not all good, with the study finding traces of E-coli, amongst other harmful bacteria.

An additional study by researchers at the University of Houston also found that around 40% of shoes were carrying Clostridium difficile, more commonly known as "C.diff", which is believed to be linked to several infections. 

The main problem is that C.diff is resistant to antibiotics, which means that if you do succumb to an infection and are continually exposed to C.diff, it can prolong your symptoms and make it difficult to recover.

2. Fecal Matter

As well as we all do to bypass the dog or bird poo we see on the footpath, sometimes we don't even know that we've stepped in it at all.

Although we may think it's not that big of a deal if we are exposed to animal fecal matter, leading researchers at Emory University suggest otherwise.

"Exposure to animal feces has been associated with diarrhea, soil-transmitted helminth infection, trachoma, environmental enteric dysfunction, and growth faltering," the study found.

So not only is bringing fecal matter into your home quite disgusting in terms of leaving marks on your floors and carpets, but now you also understand the implications to your health. 

3. Toxins

This one is a really hidden one that often people don't think about. When we walk on grass and lawns, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) found that our shoes can pick up and harbour toxins that come from pesticides and herbicides, the most common being 2-4-d which we use to kills weeds. 

Although the exact health effects of these toxins are unknown, there is concern about human exposure, especially for children.

The EPA implored home and business owners to have a control method at their front door to prevent the exposure to these toxins, amongst other harmful mater.

4. Dirt & Debris

The most visual of anything we bring into our homes and business is mud or dirt. We can clearly see the traces we've brought in and the main is obviously the potential for it to ruin floors, carpets and rugs.

However, there could be health implications as well, depending on whether the dirt/debris contains any of the things above, such as bacteria, fecal matter or toxins.

5. COVID-19

The most recent, and alarming find came from a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which suggested that even though there is a low chance that COVID-19 can survive on our shoes, they found that "half of the samples from the soles of the ICU medical staff shoes tested positive". 

The subsequent advice from the World Health Organisation, as seen below, was to take a precautionary measure with your shoes to ensure that you eliminate any likelihood of bringing Coronavirus into your home or business.

Although we can't always see what is on the bottom of our shoe, it doesn't mean that there aren't any hidden dangers lurking underneath.

These 5 alarming pieces of information should make you aware of the need to protect yourself, your family, your customers and anyone else who enters your home or business.

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