5 Best Ways To Keep Your Floors Clean

5 Best Ways To Keep Your Floors Clean

It's every homeowner's biggest task. Having to get the vacuum and mop out several times a week, some even daily, to clean the floors. But what if it wasn't so arduous? What if you could keep your floors cleaner for longer?

That's where we come in! Utilising one or more of these helpful products will make a world of difference to your home or business, saving time, money and effort.

Here are 5 of the best ways to keep your floors clean:

1. Step Seal And Go™ Shoe Cover Machine

The Original Step Seal And Go™ Machine is revolutionary! No longer will you, your guests or your customers be bringing mud and dirt into your home or business.

By placing the machine at your front door, you'll no longer have to ask people to take their shoes off before entering. Instead, all they'll have to do is put a protective layer on their shoes with this easy-to-use shoe cover dispenser.

If they need to go out and come back in, no stress, just re-apply on top of their previous protection and they're all good to re-enter.

You'll notice how much cleaner your floors are when people are no longer bringing in dirt, debris and even harmful bacteria!

2. Sticky Mats

Placing these Sticky Mats at the entrance to your home or business will also help remove the dirt and debris on the bottom of people's shoes.

As they step onto the top layer of the floor guard, the stick will take effect and remove any dirt particles living underneath their shoes. 

It makes no difference to their life, all they have to do is walk right on top of it on their way to their destination, merely slowing down as they step onto the Sticky Mats to remove the dirt before they enter your premises.

Once the top layer has lost its stick, simply peel it off to reveal another of its 30 layers.

Let the Sticky Mat do the job at your door, so you don't have any mess to clean up later. This product is also perfect for high-volume locations such as gyms, retail shops, shopping centres, health centres, etc.

3. Disposable Covers

If you're looking to protect your shoes as well as your floors, then disposable shoe covers are perfect at achieving both.

Whether you're looking for Waterproof Shoe Covers to wear outside on rainy days or the traditional Disposable Shoe Covers as used by medical staff, we've got the right option for you.

Whichever one you choose, you'll not only get protection for your shoes, but the shoe covers will also prevent any dirt and mud from entering your home or business.

4. Mop Slippers

Have fun whilst you clean with these Reusable Mop Slippers! Turn your feet into your favourite cleaning tool and use the microfibre material to pick up liquids, dust, hair and dirt that builds up on your floors.

You'll no longer have to bend and stretch with a traditional mop and vacuum, instead you'll be able to slide around your kitchen and living room picking up all those nasty spills along the way.

5. Portable Pet Cleaner

Finally, stop your pet from bringing in mud, dirt and grass from your backyard by using this handy Portable Paw Cleaner before they come inside.

It's every pet owners worst nightmare when your dog leaves paw prints all over your floorboards or carpets.

Just simply fill the cleaner with soapy water, place their paw inside and twist to remove all the dirt. Or for an even more convenient option, speed up the entire process with our Automatic Pet Washer Cup!

Most importantly, there's no harm to your pet as the asher cup use soft silicone brushes which won't hurt their paws.

Wow! We've just given you 5 secrets to cleaner floors! You'll save dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars by keeping mud, dirt and debris off your floors.

Check out each product and decide which one is right for you. If you're stuck, we reckon the Step Seal And Go Machine is the best way to keep dirt out of your home or business!

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