About Us

Step Seal And Go™ is the leading company in Australia for shoe covers and other protection for footwear.

The original Step Seal And Go™ Shoe Cover Machine is an effective and affordable way to automatically apply disposable shoe covers over your footwear - simply:

Step onto the shoe cover machine,
Seal your shoe by pressing down onto the sponge cushion and,
Go by pulling your foot back to the pedal and pressing down to cut the film.

Our wide range of shoe cover products, including pet products, will help keep floors and carpets in your home or business free from dirt, debris and harmful bacteria.

No longer will you have to bend and stretch to put on traditional shoe covers, our easy-to-use shoe cover dispensers are designed so you can effortlessly apply and re-apply as many times as you need. 

That means that if you are going in and out, there's no need to take anything off your shoes. Just simply place another protective layer of our shoe cover film on top of the existing protection and you're good to go.

If you've got any questions about our products or need assistance with anything, feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page or email: customercare@stepsealandgo.com.au